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Virtual Cell is an immersive simulation that helps students learn biology.

The simulation embeds the student in a three-dimensional environment. Students pilot a miniature submarine that allows them to explore a plant cell. Virtual Cell provides three distinct modules covering standard topics that can be applied to any biology curriculum.

Key learning objectives include:

  • Students identify organelles using biological assays to detect marker substances

  • Students examine the electron transport chain and restore a mitochondrion to working order

  • Students diagnose and remedy problems in photosynthesis

  • Students observe osmotic pressure and destroy blockages to establish balance in the cell

  • Virtual Cell is easily integrated into both high school and college curricula.




  • Once downloaded, launch VCell-Client

  • Enter your Virtual Cell license key

  • Adjust your settings on the login screen

  • Enter yout login credentials, submit

  • Begin playing

  • Find additional resources below


Jump on board this exciting new way to learn biology!

Virtual Cell is a great way to keep your classroom at par with recent advancements in technology. Don't worry, we've made it easy for instructors too!

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