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Virtual Cell is an immersive biology simulation where you are able to interact with key biology topics. Using a three dimensional environment, you will learn about each organelle in the plant cell as well as its basic functions. There will be some organelles that are faulty, you must decipher the problem, and fix the organelle to allow proper functioning of the cell. The primary goal is to give a deeper understanding of the cell's function and make learning easier.

This discovery-based learning system includes:

  • A navigation tutorial that enables a quick understanding of simulation goals and navigation

  • An in-game robotic assistant that provides intelligent guidance

  • A readily accessible encyclopedia that helps in understanding critical vocabulary and other biology terms

Key areas of student learning:

  • Game-like playing: Based on role-play games, includes adaptive and responsive decision-making to ensure playing is fun, interactive, entertaining, and engaging.

  • Highly interactive and three-dimensional simulation: Provides a multi-sensory complement to aid instructors in teaching biology.

  • Learn by doing: Students are provided with an opportunity to actively apply their biology knowledge through numerous learning tasks.

  • Role-based, immersive experience: Students take an active role in learning biology by immersing themselves in a three-dimension biological environment.

  • Self-directed learning: Students guide their own learning with helpful navigational resources and intelligent software tutoring.

  • Multi-user/player: Provides an opportunity for students to work together in teams to reach learning goals.