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TEACHERS, when you buy a classroom, you receive additional materials including the Virtual Cell Prepinar detailing how to administer the game in your classroom, supplemental content on each module, a list of standards covered in the game, and printable tests to give to your students.

Additionally, you will receive a special online teacher account that gives you access to your entire classroom on one page. See which students have completed the game, how long it took them to finish tasks, and how they did on the in-game tests.

You will also receive an account to play the game yourself and help students in-game via the chat interface.

To learn more about classroom licenses and discounts contact us at or call us at (701) 566-0363.

Check out our newest app Rock Hunt, in the Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon stores! Rock Hunt is a rock and mineral identification game based on a geology field trip. Players visit 10 different locations and identify 5 rocks or minerals in each one. But it's not as easy as guessing! You need to learn where to find them, what they look like, and the tests (scientific experiments!) necessary to identify them. But don't worry, your trusty companion Owly will help you learn everything you need to know.

Also available in the Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon stores is our new Electron Transport Challenge app! The Electron Transport Challenge is an orientation puzzle where the objective is to rebuild one or more Electron Transport Chains (ETC) in a mitochondria by moving and aligning the complexes. When enough chains are functioning properly, ATP production is steady enough to win the level and advance to the next.

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